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CKS Owner & FounderChristina K Stahler

Christina Stahler caught the entrepreneurial spirit at the young age of 10 pitching in on her father’s small business endeavors. He taught her that delivering an exceptional customer experience is vital to success.
Ms. Stahler is businesswoman with nearly 30 years experience spanning everything from HR to Engineering to Sales at organizations like Illumina, Sony, Alyeska Pipeline Co., and Home Federal Savings & Loan. She has a passion for helping clients see and utilize voice of the consumer and market trends as a business advantage. In her last 10 years at Sony Stahler was doing just that; primarily in its Electronics division as well as partnering with peers at Sony companies worldwide in the entertainment and gaming divisions.
In 2013 she decided to leave her corporate role to work with agiler small and medium lifestyle companies on branding and marketing strategy.



Valued Partners:

Sabina Buzaljko-Jimenez
Award winning designer with a broad range of abilities in visual design.

Expertise in concept development, art direction and design, packaging, advertising, collateral, corporate communications, visual merchandising, photo editing and retouching. Sabina has a unique ability to deliver projects on time and within budget to client satisfaction.  Specialties: branding and identity, packaging, retail store design, visual merchandising, large scale graphics, environmental design, tradeshow graphics, and photography. Translating brand identity into great marketing and design concepts. Visit Linkedin Profile

Intern CKS Management & Consulting, Social Media, Video, Marketing

Anisa Nizam
Amazing accomplished Intern.

Anisa Nizam understands the importance of conveying a company’s message and keeping it consistent throughout all social media and online marketing. She enjoys taking a project from beginning to end and mapping out all the steps to ensure all her client’s goals are met.

Anisa graduated from Westview High School in 2015 where she held the positions of director, stage manager, and producer for their award-winning Theatre Company and Historian for their award winning Advanced Choir.

She completed a year of studies at Queen Mary University of London and is currently studying at Royal Holloway University of London for a bachelor in Digital Media and Communications.


Testimonials / Works

  • “Combining thoughtful insights with marketing savvy, Christina walked me through a process that examined the potential of my personal characteristics and created a new path for my creative endeavors. She brings a special blend of patience and enthusiasm that makes it enjoyable to work through the challenging questions and find solutions. Christina was as dedicated to my success as I am, and together we uncovered new approaches, enhancing my existing communication style, and building fascination into my brand.”

    Susan Rose – Susan J. Rose Photography
    Susan Rose
  • “Christina’s experience, information gathering and communication skills have been invaluable. She has provided insight and results that create measurable financial results typically inaccessible to small businesses like mine.”

    Shawna Cruise – Founder & CEO, The Loft Hair Design and Skin Care
    Shawna Cruise
  • “Christina has a most refined understanding of consumer market research. Her ability to build relationships, participate in
    conversations and understand the human condition, however, uniquely positions Christina as a powerful focus group moderator.”

    Christina Burruss – Digital Imaging Group Sony
    Christina Burruss
  • “Christina is a consummate professional always seeking the most
    efficient and effective methods to conduct research. Her keen
    insights helped drive social media listening results to the most
    senior levels at Sony Electronics.”

    Adam Bitner, Account Executive – (formerly NMIncite)
    Adam Bitner, Account Executive
  • “Christina uncovers the truth. Her findings really helped identify a
    critical issue facing our business.”

    Chris Fawcett, Founder & CEO – Sunday Morning Partners
    Chris Fawcett, Founder & CEO

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Integrated Marketing Strategy aligned with your brand and budgetary requirements.
  • Branding for Business & Professionals
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Social Media Integration


Operationalizing your brand.
  • Business Planning
  • Price models and validation
  • Budgeting
  • Coaching


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Research & Insights Strategy.
  • Qualitative Methods
  • Quantitative Methods
  • Internal Data Mining
  • Insights That Ignite Newsletter


Frightened and Excited

The Art & Science of Persuasion and Captivation Fascination is a word that both frightens and excites. “The origin of the word, Fascinere comes from Latin meaning to bewitch. Romans believed it was an evil curse. Freud labeled the relationship between a therapist and a patient as fascination, a form of hypnosis.” ~Sally Hogshead Fascinate:


Mythbusting Gen Y

Here at CKS we like to work with great companies who believe in using data and insights to drive business. Recently, Christina was invited to guest blog posted with such a company, RetailNext, the market leader in Big Data solutions for brick-and-mortar challenges. Holiday 2014: Mythbusting Gen Y As the Holiday season approaches, some brands


What Great Brands Do

A great and natural read on operationalizing your brand, Denise Lee Yohn’s book What Great Brands Do quickly became one of my favorite reads. It’s a must have for entrepreneurs and CEOs alike. Denise outlines her 7 principals in a real and conversational way. As I read the book, it was as if I was


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